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We are creating space for Malawian leaders and teachers in the community to have an impact in the growth and development of their own children and community members. Our mission is to empower and educate children through active and creative play programs. Our current project location is in Malawi, Africa, both our Girl Power and Boys Leadership Initiative are global, and we organize local US volunteer opportunities as well. We create activities such as sports, dance, music, art and more. Our sustainable year-round programs in Malawi empower the children to learn, laugh and play. Our hope is that they are able to dream for a bright future, be awakened to new goals for their lives, and be positive leaders in their communities. We aim to listen and implement locally-identified projects alongside the community members.

People from all walks of life are encouraged to apply to volunteer with Kusewera and be a part of the greater good. We also welcome other groups and individuals wanting to volunteer, whether you are from outside Malawi or a Malawian volunteer. We encourage everyone to promote and practice love, unity, understanding and inclusion in your own country and in your communities first before traveling to Malawi to work with the beautiful people of Malawi. If you are unable to care about the lives of people of all colors, races, religions and backgrounds in your own community and country, we are unable to welcome that mentality and do not feel you should go across the globe to act like you do. We are not working in Malawi or anywhere else to fulfill anyone’s saviorism. As we state in our policies and guidelines and in the registration notes, we are not open to those who promote any ideology of hate and discrimination towards any ethnic group, religion/faith or of anyone that might be different or look different than oneself. Our motto is LOVE FIRST, then think, speak and act. If you are full of love and ready to work alongside the beautiful people of Malawi, apply today to begin your journey with us! Your final acceptance and participation will be based on your application, questionnaire, completed training and your general overall understanding of our posted mission and statement.

Many of our volunteers have found these books to be helpful in better understanding true history and our current times: How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad, The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person by Frederick Joseph, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho, The Myth of Equality by Ken Wytsma, White Awake by Daniel Hill, Moving Diversity ForwardHow To Go From Well-Meaning To Well-Doing by Verna Myers, What If I Say The Wrong Thing by Verna Myers

Social handles we suggest to follow: @PrivToProg, @Ckyourprivilege, @Faitthb, @AustinChanning, @MichelleSaahene

Kusewera partner organizations and opportunities for volunteer service in the US can be found HERE!

Kusewera Service Trip Dates


Group & Individual Volunteer Application

*Fundraising assistance available, additional policies at Kusewera policies and guideline

June 24 – July 4, 2022 – Malawi, Africa – Trip Leader: Karen Osborn
*travel would leave most West Coast cities on eve of June 22nd, East Coast by June 23rd, arriving back to US on July 5th if you choose safari, 3rd if you don’t)
**recommended 2-day/1 night safari with team at MVUU Camp in Malawi

  • Staying at Kusewera Village.
  • Trip cost $599 includes but is not limited to airport pick up/drop off, lodging, meals, trip leader.
  • Cost does not include airfare (roughly between $1250-$1900 RT depending on route OR use 80k miles if you have United Mileage Plus/Star Alliance partners miles or find someone to donate them to you. Great websites to check for flight deals include OneTravel.com or CheapoAir.com. Fee also does not include $50 Malawian entry visa (upon arrival) and $15 background check fee for new volunteers.
    • All trip volunteers must secure their own negative COVID test results (with proof) 1 day prior to leaving in order to enter Malawi.
    • All trip volunteers must secure a negative COVID test result prior to leaving Malawi (we will go as a group, but it will cost $100) and is required for return back to US.
  • Acceptance as a trip volunteer is based on application, questionnaire, completed mandatory training (see next note), final approval by review team.
  • Each volunteer will be required to complete pre-trip training that includes topics of culture competency, diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. Having an understanding and acknowledgement of Kusewera’s mission and statement with those topics in mind is key and will help finalize volunteer participation.
  • Your registration and a $500 non-refundable deposit must be paid in order to HOLD your spot by March 25, 2022. *IF our review team determines that you do not have final approval to join our volunteer trip, your deposit will be refunded to you. Mandatory training and review will be done prior to the due date of final trip costs.
  • Full trip costs are due by May 27, 2022.
  • **ADD ON safari experience optional (team goes together) w/ addt’l cost of $450 pp (includes transportation, lodging, meals, 2 safaris excursions – land and boat) DEADLINE to confirm safari is March 25, 2022.
  • IF you have already been approved, and would like to make your trip payment or you want to make a donation to someone’s trip, you may do that HERE.
– All COVID-19 policies will be followed in country (whatever is noted by Malawi Gov’t at that time) and any and all COVID-19 related delays, health issues or otherwise will be at the liability and expense of each individual. (i.e. if your COVD test result comes back positive and you cannot travel last minute from home or while in Malawi and you must stay longer – we’d be able to house you in quarantine if that happens but your flight delays, would be your responsibility).
– A Kusewera rep will assist you in your travel planning, to assure proper flights, locations etc. Your destination airport code is LLW. Contact us for ways you can fundraise for your trip!

Please click here to fill out the application and registration form and a Kusewera representative will contact you soon!


Other groups and individuals may volunteer and book time at Kusewera Village in Malawi, Africa. Please contact kusewera@gmail.com for inquiries, schedule, requirements and program alignment.
Please note that while a US and Malawian Kusewera representative will be present to guide and assist during these times, a group/team leader is essential to the success of a non-Kusewera led trip. 
Any group or individual requesting to volunteer or book time at Kusewera Village will be subject to a signed Kusewera policies and guidelines, and approval after completion of the application process. There is a $15 background check fee for new U.S. based volunteers or individuals working with the children at Kusewera Village that will be added to your trip costs.
To register as a GROUP LEADER of your own group, start the process here.
To apply to volunteer as an INDIVIDUAL at Kusewera Village, start the process here!
To pay for or donate to a volunteer trip, you may do so HERE


  • Volunteering on a trip with Kusewera is open to people from all walks of life, with a passion or skill, that will be implemented into our existing programs. Our approach is to “learn from and participate with” the communities. What are your passions and skills?
  • The days with the kids include an intense set of daily clinics, (morning and afternoon) that the children attend, and are led in partnership by local staff and volunteers. Be prepared, as it’s a lot of work!
  • We like to provide volunteers with the opportunity to explore a bit of the local town and other parts of the country in which they are working in.
  • Kusewera offers the option of a short, 2 day safari / excursion. We’ve worked hard to gain relationships, that give us the best rates on everything from transportation, safari, food and more. Your visit and resources spent locally and at safari can help their communities tremendously.
  • We encourage each volunteer to take over 1-2 checked bags of donated items like clothing, medical supplies, sports equipment, etc. that is easier to assure delivery of donations into the right hands.


  • **Kusewera led trips (unless designated as a family trip) are limited to volunteers over 18 years of age, or 14-17 years of age WITH a parent or chaperone over 25 yrs. of age accompanying them on the trip. 
  • Individuals and groups with children may apply. Kusewera has questionnaires and interviews for children under 14, and for their parent(s) and/or guardians to determine if they are a good fit. We recommend a parent join a trip to Malawi first, before deciding if their own child is ready for a humanitarian trip.
  • **If the volunteer cannot make the humanitarian trip that they register for due to medical reasons or emergency situations out of their control, and notice is given to Kusewera at least 60 days prior to scheduled trip departure, their $500 non-refundable deposit may be held for them for 1 calendar year, in order to allow the volunteer to go on another humanitarian trip within 1 year. If the volunteer is not able to make said trip the following year, their non-refundable $500 will go towards general Kusewera projects that benefit the children.
  • If the volunteer has personally paid for the trip costs, and there are funds above the non-refundable deposit, it may be refunded to volunteer only if it is at least 60 days prior to scheduled trip departure.
  • If volunteer cancels 45-59 days prior, refund amount will be 75% (less the deposit) of personally funded fees.
  • If cancellation is 44 days or less, 50% may be refunded (less the deposit) of personally funded fees.
  • Should the volunteer raise funds for their full humanitarian trip costs from donors other than themselves, and need to cancel, no refund will be given, but same % amounts may be held for up to one calendar year. If the volunteer cannot make said trip or the following year’s trip, all donations from other donors will go towards general Kusewera projects that benefit the children. If volunteer raises funds over the trip cost (including safari) on Crowdrise, all remaining donations will go to the general Kusewera account for projects that benefit the children. Volunteers may raise personal funds for flights, immunizations, etc through any other funding page not related to the Kusewera Crowdrise pages, such as GoFundMe.
  • **Kusewera reserves the right to deny participation to potential volunteers that do not meet the requirements, through the application process, reference checks and background check.

Please click here to fill out the application and registration form and a Kusewera representative will contact you soon!

Completed in 2017, Kusewera’s Guest House sleeps 28 guests. There is a full self-service kitchen, dining room, large front porch, 4 guest bedrooms and 4 guest bathrooms. 

Get up close and personal with wildlife while on safari with the team! We partner with Malawian Style to make it the best experience possible!


Serving 300 Children

Kusewera serves over 300 children in 3 local villages surrounding the Kusewera community center in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Leading Group Service Trips Since 2008

Kusewera service trips to Africa started in 2008, with volunteers from the United States and abroad.

Kusewera Community Center

We opened our brand new community center in July 2017 including a guest house (sleeps 20+), sports complex, dance studio, class rooms, and more to come!
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Kusewera is a registered 501(c)(3)

Trip fees are tax deductible to U.S. taxpayers! Make sure to learn more when you apply for your service trip.

Your generosity supports Kusewera’s mission to empower and educate children through active and creative play programs.