~ Kusewera’s year-round after-school program aims to empower children to dream for a bright future. Activities include sports, dance, music, art, creative writing, learning about permaculture and gardening, sewing and much more! Kusewera employs local Malawians to implement these programs. Approved volunteers may visit, assist staff, and are involved in a variety of things including coaching, mentoring, demonstrations, lessons in teamwork & sportsmanship, conducting confidence-building activities, creativity and encouragement for the kids. The children gain knowledge from life skills that encourage positive personal growth.

How the program helps the children…
~ teaches life skills such as confidence, perseverance, self respect and respect between genders
~ empowers the children to pursue goals and have hope for a better future
~ emphasizes the importance of healthy living, hygiene and cleanliness
~ shows examples of love
~ improves their quality of life