PLEASE READ IN FULL TO UNDERSTAND THIS ORGANIZATION YOU ARE APPLYING TO VOLUNTEER WITH: Our mission is to empower and educate children in Malawi, Africa through active and creative PLAY. We organize activities such as sports, dance, music, art and more. Our sustainable year-round programs empower the children to learn, laugh and play. Our hope is that they are able to dream for a bright future, be awakened to new goals for their lives, and be positive leaders in their communities. We aim to listen and implement locally-identified projects alongside the community members.

    People from all walks of life are encouraged to apply to volunteer with Kusewera and be a part of the greater good. We encourage everyone to promote and practice love, unity, understanding and inclusion in your own country and in your communities first before traveling to Malawi to work with our children and the beautiful people of Malawi. If you are unable to care about and love people of all colors, races, religions and backgrounds in your own community, we are unable to welcome that mentality, and do not feel you should go across the globe to act like you do. We are not working in Malawi to fulfill anyone's saviorism. As we state in our policies and guidelines and in the registration notes, we are not open to those who promote any ideology of hate and discrimination or displays of disdain for any ethnic group, religion/faith or anything that doesn't promote love, unity and inclusion. Our motto is LOVE FIRST, then think, speak and act. If you are full of love and ready to work alongside the beautiful people of Malawi, apply today to begin your journey with us!

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