Chichewa Basics

Check out the videos below, where Victor teaches us the basics of the Chichewa language. Victor Kamwendo is a Kusewera volunteer, board member and committee member who grew up in Malawi and is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

Chichewa 1

Chichewa 2

Chichewa 3

Chichewa 4

Common phrases :

Muli bwanji nonse – Hello, how are you everyone?
Dzina langa ndi ____ (insert your name) – My name is ______
Dzina lako ndi ndani? – What is your name?
Kwanau ndikuti? Where are you from?
Kwathu ndiku ___ – I am from ____
(M)umapanga chani? – What do you do?
M=plural – Where do you all work?
Ndimagwira ntchito ku____ – I work for _______
(M)uli standade yanji? What grade are you in?
M=plural – what grade are “you all” in?
Ndili standade ____ – I’m in standard 8 (1-8, as if 1st – 8th grade)
Umaphunzira kuti? – Where do you learn? Where do you go to school?
Ndimaphunzira ku______ – I study at ______, I go to school at____________
(M)umakonda maswera anji? – What kind of games/activities do you like to play?
M=plural – what do you all like to play, what activities to you all like to play?
Ndima (tima) konda ___ – I like to play _____ /
(Tima = plural) We all like to play Mpira = soccer / Tamanga = running
“Mayina anu ndi ndani” (plural) – What are all of your names?
(M)umakhala kuti? – Where do you live?
Ndimakhala ku _____ – I live in _____ / I stay at ______

Fun fact : Kusewera means “to play” in Chichewa, the language of Malawi, Africa

Check back soon for more Chichewa lessons.