Kusewera Village

Malawi, Africa

In 2017, Kusewera completed the build-out of a brand new Community Center, Sports Complex and Volunteer Guest House on 13 acres of land near the capital city of Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa.

We will continue our current work, and expand the areas we reach to organize more activities, clinics and programs for more kids such as sports, dance, music, art, creative writing, sewing, agriculture/food programs, permaculture, tutoring and more! We hope to add-on additional buildings, including a school, clinic, vocational /trade school, amphitheater and provide a computer lab/internet cafe to empower the children and adults in the community to pursue goals, dream for a bright future and be positive leaders in their communities. We also offer free classes and tutoring in English, math, guardian encouragement and more.

The mission of this Community Center & Sports Complex is to provide a place for the people of the community to gather, to learn, to explore and to play. Through Kusewera Village, we strive to bring jobs to the area, teaching skills that create exposure to new things and an opportunity to grow.

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Check out the layout and vision below. We will be raising funds in phases to complete each phase efficiently, so check back often! You can view the Kusewera Village COSTS and NEEDS here.

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