Kusewera’s GIRL POWER Initiative, is a campaign that focuses on the girls. We call it, Mphamvu Ya Atsikana, which means “the strength of the girls” in Chichewa, and translates to us as GIRL POWER!

With a focus on avoiding child marriages and condeming gender based violence, we aim to lift up the girls and women in the community. We feel there are many important avenues where girls can learn to be more confident, more empowered and learn the leadership skills necessary to reach their highest potential. Sports, the arts and special girls only clinics teaching a trade, skill, business, English and public speaking are designed to do just that. We give special attention to equality as well as a better understanding of good health and hygiene. Typical pressures put on young girls and women in the villages and in their communities often hinder their growth, their education and their personal dreams. We want them to feel empowered to hope, dream and set goals for a bright future. At the same time, we can also teach boys and men to respect girls and women and to recognize them as partners in any healthy society.

Our hope is to empower girls in the US to be leaders and form Girls Groups that meet and encourage each other through discussions, activities, and creating fundraising campaigns that will not only help Kusewera’s mission but connect them with other girls around the world and with our Girls Groups in Malawi. Our Girl Power groups in Malawi are led by Malawian women and leaders in the community.

When women and girls gather together in support of one another, powerful changes can happen.

Are you ready to get involved?  kusewera@gmail.com