The Boys Leadership Initiative is established to complement Kusewera’s Girl Power Initiative. We want to encourage our young boys and men to have good leadership skills, have care and concern for their community and have the desire to see everyone in their community flourish. Our aim is to uplift the boys and help light a fire for perseverance and dedication in school and to grow into great leaders in their friend groups, in their community, in their country and in the world. We want them to feel empowered to hope, dream and set goals for a bright future. Through this initiative, we encourage men and boys in Malawi and around the world to partner with us as we educate and empower the boys and young men in our programs.

An important goal is to teach respect for girls and women, and to understand the value these boys and young men have in a role to make sure girls and women are treated fairly equally and are respected in all aspects of life. We believe any cultural misconception that dehumanizes any person can be avoided with teaching, training and consistent encouragement to value and respect each other.  

Activities will range from sports, speaker sessions, dance and more. All groups and sessions will be led by selected male leaders in the community working with Kusewera for the greater good. 

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