Kusewera Monthly Sponsorships

Child & Staff Sponsorships Available
Sign up to support the Monthly Child Sponsorship Fund that helps the children (or Staff Sponsorship Fund for staff ) at Kusewera in Malawi, Africa! Please read the information below and fill out the form to sign up first… then to begin monthly sponsorship payments, go to our donate page here. Select $40 or more and when prompted, select monthly, instead of one-time.
For questions, please contact: Kusewera@gmail.com 
Minimum $40 or more per month Child Sponsorship Fund (for Day Care / Pre-school / Kindergarten / Primary / Secondary School age children)
Supporting Kusewera monthly through the Child Sponsorship Fund connects monthly supporters and sponsors to a specific child or children who actively participate in our programs at the Community Center. The sponsor can exchange letters and communication to the kids through our monitored system, several times a year. This encourages the kids, allows them to learn about others across the globe! This Fund assists with a variety of things including morning porridge, afternoon snacks, educational materials and books, sports equipment, art supplies and more. All necessary items that promote empowerment and education through our active and creative play programs. The Community Center after-school programs will be available to local children 5-6 days a week. There are over 2000 children in the surrounding communities. Our goal is to have all kids commit to attending school during the day when school is in session. With your monthly sponsorship donation, the child you are connected with does not directly receive any funds, but rather the benefits of the items listed above to assure they are getting the best possible opportunities. You are donating “in their name” supporting their experience at Kusewera! Each child will have their own guidelines to follow and must commit to staying in school, have satisfactory attendance, working hard and must conduct themselves with good behavior in order to participate. Additional policies will be given at time of confirmation. 
Minimum $50 or more per month – Staff Sponsorship Fund 
The local Malawian staff are the backbone of our programs, as we cannot function without them. You may sponsor a fund that assists with current or future Kusewera staff members! This helps us plan as well as grow our programs! A monthly contribution will aid with salaries, required MRS taxes, required pension, health insurance, uniforms, cost for supplies and equipment necessary to educate and empower the children who participate in the school and after school programs. All staff members must follow the Kusewera policies in order to be hired as a staff member, remain a staff member and be a part of the program. Additional policies will be given at time of confirmation.
ALL other monthly giving, in any amount, is welcome and appreciated.

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    Sponsorship Specifics: note a specific child, girl or boy, staff /job preferred, etc. Kusewera will assign at their discretion. A sponsor may not give additional gifts to a specific child or staff member, and a policy will be signed upon confirmation.