Volunteer in Africa!

Our mission is to empower and educate children in impoverished countries through active and creative PLAY. We organize activities such as sports, dance, music, art and more.

We are not a “voluntourism” organization but we do create affordable humanitarian service trips for people of all walks of life. This sustainable year-round program empowers the children to learn, laugh, play. Our hope is for the children to pursue goals, dream for a better future and be positive leaders in their community.


Empowering Children Through Activve & Creative Play

Serving 200 Children

Kusewera supports 200 children in 3 local villages surrounding the Kusewera community center in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Leading Group Service Trips Since 2008

Kusewera has led service trips to Africa since 2008, with volunteers from the United States and abroad.

Kusewera Community Center

We opened our brand new community center in July 2017 including a guest house (sleeps 20+), sports complex, dance studio, class rooms, and more to come!

Upcoming Trips

Find out more about upcoming service trips to Kusewera village including dates, pricing, policies, and availability.

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Kusewera is a registered 501(c)3

Trip fees are tax deductible! Make sure to learn more when you sign up for your service trip.

Your generosity supports Kusewera’s mission to empower and educate children in impoverished countries through creative and active play.

Meet some of the kids…

Yusufu Jofu - 4
Rabecca Keniyala - 9
Malunga Mbewe - 9
Ireen Chipala - 2
Owen Elisa - 6
Wezi Ntalika - 8
Maliko Steven - 2
Anderson Banda - 10
Ishmael Chipata - 17
Yosefe Nthala - 9
Linda Joseph - 5


Please feel free to ask us qustions about joining a trip to Malawi, or leading your own group trip to the Kusewera community center.