Reference Check Questionnaire:

Thank you for taking the time to complete the reference for Kusewera regarding a prospective team member for one of our upcoming trips. This person has indicated you as a reference and we look forward to learning more about them from you. Thank you for your timely completion of this reference request.

    Your Name:* 

    Contact Phone:*


    Person you are recommending:*

    In what capacity do you know this person? Would they be considered a friend, family or professional relationship?

    How long have you known them?

    What do you feel are some of their strengths?

    What about weaknesses?

    How would you describe this person?

    Are they good communicators?

    At times, the team will be living in conditions where water and electricity are limited, working long hours. With that said, how do you think they will overcome these challenges?

    With a group that will range from roughly 10-18 volunteers, how do you feel they will handle living closely with others they do not know, for most of 24 hours a day?

    What special gifts or human attributes do you feel this candidate will bring to the children and others they serve?

    Would you ever recommend them for a volunteer position internationally?

    What is the most favorite thing that they ever did or the best memory you can think of involving this candidate?

    Is there anything you wish you could change that would make them the perfect volunteer candidate?

    Would you like to add anything else about this candidate?

    Thank you for taking the time to help us with answering these questions. The volunteer obviously thinks a great deal of you to list you as a reference.