We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this pre-trip approval questionnaire that helps us understand a bit more about you, your mindset and your heart to work with Kusewera!

    Volunteer Name

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    Why are you interested in working with Kusewera in Malawi?

    What do you see as your skills and strengths that you can offer both the CHILDREN and adults we work with as well as our TEAM?

    Have you been on any humanitarian trips overseas in the past or to a low-income country?


    If yes, please explain

    Multiple choice - Check ALL that apply:

    To stay in good general health I typically:

    Work out every day and eat well balanced mealsWork out 3-4 times a week and eat fairly wellHope to get in 1 workout a week, and try to watch what I eatI don’t really work out

    When I hang out with my friends, I’m typically:

    Doing something activeGoing to the moviesTrying new restaurantsAll the aboveI only have a few close friends, and we mostly stay inNone of the above, I cherish alone time

    If I ever get overwhelmed or stressed, I usually:

    Walk away, I need my own space to de-stressBuck up and handle it until I can have time to take a momentCry, not great with handling stressGet angry and tend to blow a fuseI don’t tend to get too stressed out, I quietly take a breather when I need to

    When I’m not sure about a task, I will:

    Let others take the reins and only assist when necessaryDo my best to figure it out and take the leadAdmit I’m not so sure, but happy to helpNone of the above, I don’t like doing things I’m not sure of

    In group settings, I tend to:

    Be the life of the partyModerately engage and enjoy the bondingQuietly enjoy the companyPut my headphones on and chill out to my favorite music

    Tell us your thoughts on Kusewera's posted statement which reads: We are a beautifully diverse group of people who promote true values of inclusivity, equality, love, peace, inclusion, justice, truth and liberation. We encourage everyone to show compassion in their own community, country and in the world. We believe that everyone in this world is created with equal value. We reject any ideology of hate or discrimination towards any ethnic group, religion/faith or of anyone that might be different or look different than oneself. We are adamantly against bigotry, casteism and racism in all its forms. We acknowledge the negative effects colonialism has caused in Africa, the U.S. and in many parts of the world. We acknowledge the existence of inequities, inequality, oppression, privilege and unconscious bias and aim to be active participants in addressing the very real racial and systemic injustices. We are not working in Malawi or anywhere else to fulfill anyone's saviorism. This is about humanity. 

    Describe what the term “white privilege” means to you and how you perceive it to affect you or those around you: I'm not comfortable answering this question

    What do you understand about colonialism and its impact in Africa specifically? What steps (or resources) have you taken or utilized to educate yourself? Are you open and willing to learn (and unlearn) in order to understand the impact and how it affects Africans / Malawians today? I'm not comfortable answering this question

    Kusewera aims to empower those we work with to be great leaders in their community. We encourage strength and confidence accompanied with compassion, empathy and a heart that reflects humanity and the rights of all people. We do not support bullying, lying or degrading others that only aims to be better than or in charge of others. In your own words, please describe what being a good leader means to you:

    IMPORTANT questions to ask yourself:
    1) Would I volunteer if there were no cameras allowed?
    2) Does my current lifestyle, my social media persona and my attitude reflect the heart that I want it to reflect and the mission and statement of Kusewera?
    3) Am I ready to leave behind my world for 1-2 weeks, to fully embrace the culture, the needs, and the work that Kusewera is doing in these communities?

    I understand it is my responsibility to check with my physician concerning immunizations and anything health related:


    I understand the fundraising and cancellation policies set forth on the Kusewera website:


    I am committing to the Kusewera Humanitarian Service Trip and training for: and will adhere to the guidelines and policies set forth for both Kusewera and the locations we work alongside.

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    I understand that checking this box constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to the above terms and policies.

    I affirm that I do not have any history or record of abuse of others, either physically or emotionally.

    I verify that the information provided is true and to the best of my knowledge. I understand that misrepresentation of this information will constitute grounds to terminate participation.