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    Thank you for joining us on a trip to Malawi, and to the Kusewera Community Center. We appreciate that you took the time, energy and efforts to make it happen and the costs it took to participate. It's not easy, but you did it! This feedback helps us understand our volunteer's overall experience and assists us in ways that we can improve for everyone.

    Please select one. 1 is low and 5 is high:

    How would you rate your overall experience?


    How likely are you to join another Kusewera trip?


    How likely are you to encourage someone else to join a Kusewera trip?


    How would you rate the overall planning of the trip?


    How would you rate the overall leadership of the trip? (Be honest!)


    Do you feel you were able to work with a variety of ages?


    Understanding school schedules and the need for flexibility, how would you improve scheduled time/sessions/clinics with the kids?

    Do you feel you understand Kusewera's posted Statement better post-trip? It reads: We are a beautifully diverse group of people who promote the practice of love, unity, understanding and inclusion. We encourage everyone to show compassion in their own community, country and in the world. We believe in the acceptance and love for people of all colors, races, religions, genders or backgrounds and believe that everyone in this world is created with equal value. We reject any ideology of hate or discrimination towards any ethnic group, religion/faith or of anyone that might be different or look different than oneself. We acknowledge the negative effects colonialism has caused in Africa, the U.S. and in many parts of the world. We acknowledge the existence of inequities, inequality, oppression, privilege and unconscious bias and aim to be active participants in addressing the very real racial and systemic injustices. We encourage the understanding of diversity, inclusion and culture competency. We are not working in Malawi or anywhere else to fulfill anyone's saviorism. This is about humanity. YESNOI understood it well and still agree

    Do you feel Kusewera's mission is currently being implemented in Malawi? The mission reads:
    We are creating space for Malawian leaders and teachers in the community to have an impact in the growth and development of their own children and community members. We encourage community-driven development for sustainability, implementing locally-identified projects. We aim to regularly examine our intentions and ensure that we are putting the rights, respect, and desires of the community first and foremost in our practices. Kusewera believes every child deserves the chance for a bright future. We aim to empower and educate children through our active and creative play programs.
    YESNOSOMEWHATMOSTLY Additional thoughts if applicable:

    How was your overall experience with the accommodations provided?

    How would you rate the safari experience? (if applicable)


    Do you have suggestions on ways to improve the overall trip?

    What were your MOST favorite things about this trip?

    What were your LEAST favorite things about this trip?

    Please let us know any additional comments and/or overall take away from your Kusewera trip:

    Are you interested in supporting Kusewera monthly via child sponsorship or general monthly donations?

    YESNOI am not able to right now

    Are you interested in learning more ways you can support, get involved, and/or get others involved?


    Zikomo kwambiri for your feedback! You are appreciated!

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