Playing for K.E.E.P.S!

Kusewera Empowerment & Educational Program

Monthly General Donation for the PROGRAM: $25/month
This monthly donation to the Kusewera Empowerment & Educational Program allows you to assist Kusewera’s efforts in the growth and development of kids that participate in programs in Malawi at the Kusewera Village and surrounding communities. This encourages the children to work hard in school, keep their grades up and be able to participate to the fullest extent possible in this program. When school is in session, the children will be allowed to participate daily, including Saturdays, once their homework and tutoring is complete. When school is out of session, they can participate in multiple daily and weekly activities. The program will be designed to engage the child 3-4 days a week minimum.
How the program helps the children:
~empowers & educates through the active & creative PLAY categories of Sports, Music, Dance and Art
~teaches life skills such as confidence, perseverance, self respect, gender equality, discipline and teamwork
~empowers the kids to pursue goals, hope for a better future and to be great leaders in their communities
~emphasizes the importance of healthy living, hygiene and cleanliness
~shows examples of love and improves their quality of life
The general benefits of a monthly donation to this program are:
~The kids who participate, will receive their own pair of sneakers and athletic apparel, yearly.
~The kids will receive a meal every time they participate in a class, event, clinic, etc
~Helps to consistently supply Sports & Music equipment, arts & craft supplies
~Helps to consistently supply hygiene items / education on importance of hygiene 
~Assists with shipping costs or baggage fees, to get added items over to Malawi 
~Assists with the development and maintenance of the K.E.E.P. curriculum with educational materials
~Assists with upkeep and yearly improvements of the sports room, sport court, supplies, equipment, etc.
To set up a monthly donation for this program, contact us at 
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