Job Opportunities with Kusewera

Kusewera Assistant:
We are looking for a full time Assistant to the Director in the Chitipi area of Lilongwe to start as soon as possible. This position will assist the Director in all aspects of planning and implementation of the programs, operations and guests visits as requested. Interviews to start 1st week of January.
Requirements –
  1. Fluent in Chichewa and English
  2. Post Secondary / College educated
  3. Drivers license preferred
  4. Assertive, takes initiative, not afraid to lead (all ages kids and adults)
  5. Honest and trustworthy, loyal and must have a passion for the Kusewera mission
  6. Must have min. 3 references (professional, school and personal)

If interested, please email CV and cover letter showing special skills, to and


Dance Instructor / Art & Painting Teacher / Music Teacher / Sports Coaches / Computer Teacher – location: Chitipi area of Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa. To view location in Google Maps click HERE!

These potential open positions would be part-time, and will be at the Kusewera Community Center. All dance styles welcome, suitable for youth. All music, sports, etc. suitable for children. Applicant must be either in the Chitipi area or be able to get to the Chitipi area on their own.

If interested, please email CV and cover letter showing special skills, to and or at +265  996 912 950.


Volunteers – location Malawi, Africa – 1x a month, 1x a week, daily: We are often looking for volunteers who want to teach, lead or assist the existing staff with programs and/or projects at Kusewera Village. Those with specific skills (dance, art/painting, computers, coaching sports, etc are welcome. Volunteering is unpaid and does not guarantee future employment. Please fill out this application form.