Since 2008, Kusewera has been working in Malawi, Africa and our mission is to empower and educate children in impoverished countries through active and creative PLAY. We organize activities such as sports, dance, music, art and more. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life to join our efforts in country and personally help implement our Kusewera Empowerment & Educational Program (K.E.E.P.). This sustainable year-round program empowers children to learn, laugh and play. Our hope is for children to pursue goals, dream for a better future and be positive leaders in their community. We are people helping people help themselves. We want to help keep families together and support villages to be able to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Our current project is Kusewera Village – a Community Center & Sports Complex in the Lilongwe area of Malawi.

General Vision of Kusewera Village – Malawi, Africa

Completed: Community center, warehouse, volunteer guest house, staff duplex, small garden, playground

Almost complete: Sport court, sports field

            Join us in a partnership to change the lives of children around the world!

We will continue our work and expand the areas we currently reach, organizing activities and clinics for even more children. We have a fantastic team on the ground in Malawi, helping assure our programs are running smoothly. We will provide a computer lab/internet cafe, offer free classes in English and math, provide guardian encouragement and support, counseling, and more. The Community Center & Sports Complex will give the villagers the benefits of international influence while still promoting Malawian culture. Through the building of the Kusewera Village, we will create jobs in the area which will empower and teach the skills necessary for a more sustainable future. 310-882-3042