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    Thank you for your commitment to the Sponsorship Fund at the Kusewera Community Center in Malawi, Africa!

    In order to participate in this program, we have set some guidelines and policies to assure that all sponsors are aware of what is expected, what is not and how best to support their child or staff member.

    Sponsors may send a letter and a few pictures to be given to a Kusewera team member going to Malawi next, to be hand delivered to their sponsored child (or staff member). The letters should be general updates, encouraging working hard in school and good behavior, etc. All letters will be reviewed by a Kusewera staff or committee member prior to being delivered to the child. Sponsored children (or staff member) will be encouraged to write a letter (or draw a picture) for their sponsor at least once a year and Kusewera will make it's best efforts to give updates on the sponsored child (or staff member) as often as possible, with a minimum of once per year. Letters and photos may either be handed to Karen in person, emailed to (if large image size, please send via a link), or they can be mailed to: Kusewera 321 N Pass Ave, #353, Burbank, CA 91505. Attn: Sponsorship.

    With your sponsorship donation, your assigned child does not directly receive any funds, but rather the benefits of the items listed in the Child Sponsorship Fund description to assure they are getting the best possible opportunities. Each child will have their own guidelines to follow and must commit to staying in school, have satisfactory attendance, work hard and must conduct themselves with good behavior in order to participate. Any participating child that a Kusewera staff has identified as not eligible, the sponsor will be notified and assigned another child if they choose. However, the originally assigned child may work to become eligible again and sponsor funds will still benefit the general kids in the program. For staff members, they will receive their agreed upon salary, as well as the benefits of the materials and other items listed in the description. Staff members too, must conduct themselves with the best behavior and actions necessary to fulfill their obligations as stated in the Kusewera policies and in their individual job descriptions in order to be hired, maintain employment and participate in the program. Any participating staff member that Kusewera has identified as not eligible, and therefore no longer working with Kusewera, the sponsor will be notified and assigned another staff member or a child if they choose. All funds, will still benefit the staff and programs as a whole.

    In addition, Kusewera reserves the right to determine initial or continued participation. Should a child and their family move away from the general Kusewera Village area, Kusewera will make it's best efforts to maintain contact with the child and their family to assure their basic needs are being met. Full sponsorship will depend on the distance and actual involvement in the local Kusewera programs.

    We are not working in Malawi to give handouts. No sponsor is allowed to give money to a child, staff member or anyone Kusewera works directly with through our programs in Malawi, as that only perpetuates the poverty problem and the mindset of expecting a handout. Any sponsor who gives money directly to a Kusewera staff member, or child/adult in the villages we serve or to anyone Kusewera works with directly in Malawi for our programs, who is asking for money will be terminated as a Kusewera sponsor. Any and all financial transactions will be handled through Kusewera only. Sponsors should not make promises of gifts or experiences that are not discussed and approved by Kusewera beforehand. No sponsor will be given special privileges to single out their sponsored child or staff member for excursions, gifts, experiences, etc.

    Kusewera distributes material gifts with specific purpose and intention. Material gifts are not handed out randomly, and are generally handed out when there is enough for everyone, or someone earns it. Many useful items are donated and distributed in an orderly and planned manner under the supervision of Kusewera and its assigned staff. These include but are not limited to educational supplies, specific necessary clothing items, feminine hygiene items, general hygiene and health items as well as items used in the programs such as sports equipment, art/creative supplies, musical instruments, etc. If a sponsor would like to donate something specifically for their child or staff member, they may add it to the donation center with their name on it for the next general distribution.

    If a sponsor visits Kusewera Village in Malawi, a sponsor may absolutely spend dedicated time with their sponsored child and develop a deeper connection however it is imperative that all children get love and attention and not just simply the one sponsored child. The other kids do notice, and we do not support exclusion.

    Kusewera does not tolerate hate, prejudice or words and acts of discrimination or language that supports anything of the like. Promoting an ideology that doesn't encourage love, unity and inclusion is prohibited. Any sponsor or volunteer who engages in such activity will be immediately dismissed as a Kusewera sponsor or volunteer.

    Kusewera volunteers should not undermine the mission and policies of Kusewera and its leaders. Any and all dealings with Kusewera staff, children and people we serve, including sponsorship and program donations will be handled through Kusewera.

    Kusewera will not tolerate emotional, psychological, or physical abuse of any kind, especially against any children participating in our programs or against volunteers, staff and anyone else affected by the presence of Kusewera and its programs. This misbehavior negatively impacts the people of Malawi, and the image and reputation of Kusewera.

    If policies are not followed, Kusewera reserves the right to end the sponsors (or volunteer) involvement with Kusewera.

    Kusewera is a U.S. tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Consistent with IRS guidelines, Kusewera affirms that goods or services of only insignificant value have been provided to you. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by US law. Kusewera is also a registered and recognized NGO in Malawi, and a member of Congoma.

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