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Ebola concerns

By October 13, 2014Uncategorized
In light of recent issues with the Ebola outbreak, Kusewera is addressing anxious travelers and giving some insight. For those with concerns about traveling to Malawi, Africa with Kusewera, please know that we take the safety of our volunteers seriously and will always comply with government and CDC travel warnings and policies regarding any matters that may arise, and would adjust our cancellation policies accordingly if such travel limitations and warnings are issued. Our next volunteer trip to Malawi isn’t until April 2015, and the reports are encouraging that this should be contained well before that. The Ebola outbreak is in West Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) and Kusewera travels to Malawi which is in South East Africa, approximately 5200 miles away from the countries with the outbreak. See map. For reference, the distance from LA to NY is 2800 miles. For updated travel information, please see these links below. 
The CDC is the Center for Disease Control. All global medical professionals refer to this as a valid and recognizable source on global health concerns: